An industry reset button

The Canadian Retail and Merchandising services industry is a closed group. Jay Brown having worked for the industry largest players, had fresh new ideas of how to approach the service and the products that would benefit clients of every size.

A bold message

Jay's vision for the website was to make the message as simple and clear as possible. His prospects and clients are busy high level executives for large retail corporations who know what they need and do not require a lot of explanations. The Canamar Amaya team got into action to deliver a big and bold design, one that would be easy to navigate and read. Given that JBCO's intention was to disrupt the industry with a new way of doing business, the design needed to be forward looking while remaining practical and user-friendly.

JBCO retail services web design

Many concepts, one message

For the logo, we discussed with Jay his vision, reviewed competitors in the industry and created the first round of concepts. The "3 shelves" concept was chosen after a couple of rounds and red was chosen as the main colour. Red was chosen to honour the company's Canadian roots and when the logo is used in its alternate, the dark gray shelf turns into white, giving the impression of a maple leaf and the Canadian flag. It was also important that the logo be very easy to print on hats, shirts, decals, and other merchandise and retained its legibility and visibility from a distance. In essence, JBCO's logo has several concepts, and one clear message that truly represents JBCO's mission; To be Canada's top retail and merchandising services company.

The beginning of a business

JBCO was a new business, and as such, it needed the basics. As part of the brand Canamar Amaya was asked to design and print business cards for the company's staff. Taking the boldness of the web design and the cleanliness of the logo, the cards are easy to read and have visual cues that guide the prospects to the right information. The full red on the back of the card makes them hard to miss (or loose).

JBCO retail services business cards