Music, tradition and changing lives

Since 1981 the Guelph Kiwanis Music Festival has been a tradition in the community of the city of Guelph. Hundreds of children and youth have performed at this festival with many of them go on to become great performers thanks in part to the scholarships and awards given to the festival winners every year.

For over 35 years the Guelph Kiwanis Music Festival has brought joy and opportunities to hundreds of children of the city of Guelph. It has never had a formal logo or identity, rather relying on the community and the Kiwanis club at large to promote and keep the event alive and thriving. Heather, the event's coordinator and an artistic force herself, reached out to our team and asked us to give the Festival a brand. It was a big task, one our team was gladly up to.

A touch of youthfulness and modernity

This event has children and youth as its heart, so the logo had to be youthful without being childish, incorporate musical elements and use some of the Kiwanian colours while remaining a clearly defined separate identity.

We chose the dark blue from Kiwanis branding for certain elements, like the contour of the G clef that ends in a cello's neck and scroll and the actual word Kiwanis, but used a lighter tone for the G clef itself, making this light blue the strongest element.

The typography of the festival name is a sans-serif font that is associated with modernity and represents the event's tradition.

Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph logo (full colour)

Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph logo (white on black)

Guelph music festival web design

A modern festival

We brought the Kiwanis Guelph Music Festival brand alive online by creating a responsive, mobile-friendly site. Everything from the festival's schedule to the sponsors are easy to access on any device.