Who we are

We Create, Imagine, Plan and Strategize Using Design, Code, Photography and Innovation.

We are Nora Amaya & Mario Canamar, a creative team working together since 2009 for clients and firms in Canada, US, Mexico and Spain.

We like to work closely with our clients to create new ideas, taking them from concept to reality, from startup to international business - and have done this for our clients on several occasions.

Our work often involves a mix of design and code, and we are happiest when we are doing the whole enchilada. From branding to full blown multi-media marketing campaigns. Campaigns that include elements like graphic design, video production, commercial photography, web design / development, SEO and social media and connect with digital, newspaper, magazine, radio and/or TV advertising.

Our time is frequently divided between working independently for businesses of all sizes and working alongside in-house creative teams.