Who we are

We Create, Imagine, Plan and Strategize Using Design, Code, Photography and Innovation.

We are Nora Amaya & Mario Canamar, a creative tech team working together since 2009 for clients and firms in Canada, US, Mexico and Spain.

We like to work closely with our clients to create new ideas, guiding them from the initial concept to a reality, growing from startup to an international business – and have done this for our clients on multiple occasions.

Our work often involves a mix of design and code, and we are happiest when we are doing the whole bit; from branding to fully realized multi-media marketing campaigns. Our digital marketing campaigns typically include elements of graphic design, SEO, video production, commercial photography, web design / development and social media.

All our work is inspired by highly visual elements, supported on solid coding practices and based on proven marketing principles. We are inspired by the great marketers and ad people of every generation from every corner of the world.

Nora Amaya

Project manager, visual creator and trends curator. The heart of the team, Nora is the main point of contact for all of our clients and uses her creative skills to spearhead every part of the work. A walking encyclopedia of fashion, design and art, she is always seeking the next challenge and stays on top of every trend.

Mario Canamar

Wordsmith, coder and scientist at large. Mario is known to turn ugly ponies into beautiful unicorns using well-crafted sentences. The legend has it that he is working on his first novel, perhaps one day we’ll read it, but in the meantime, he is the guy behind Canamar Amaya’s code and solutions to development challenges.

In nomine sumus…

Our individual experience and professional curriculum are extensive. But in the end, you work with us and we approach every project and every client the way we are; honest, friendly, real and professional, with the ability to work from dusk until dawn, sharing our different skills. This is what really gives us an unfair advantage. The cross between our different views on how a project should be, leads to more refined and stronger concepts. Because when all is said and done, we are our name.